Ultrasound: Copywrite Reborn

Copywrite aka Copywrite 78, born Peter Nelson, is an emcee who hails from Columbus, Ohio. Copywrite helped start the power group the “MHz” or Megahertz, which consisted of Copy, Camu Tao (R.I.P), Jakkai Tha Motamouth and RJD2.

Copywrite has been in the rap game for quite sometime now. His debut solo record “The High Exhaulted” was released in 2002 on Eastern Conference Records and featured Jakkai Da Motamouth, Cage, Mr. Eon of the High and Mighty and production from RJD2. His last album was released in 2007, “The Worst and Best of Copywrite: Mixtape Vol 1”.

Photo Courtesy of John Thorpe

Copywrite is back, after a 2 year hiatus with a new E.P. titled “Ultrasound: The Rebirth”. As well as, working on his new full length album “The Life and Times of Peter Nelson” Scheduled for release spring this year.

“’Ultrasound’ is a mix of stuff; some of the songs are old. The song stop is from 2005” Copywrite explained, “where as ‘The Life and Times’ is all new material, think of Copywrite in 2002, just more refined”.

The new full length album will also feature an a-list line up of emcee’s: Louis Logic, Meta4ce, Tage Future, King.Dom, as well as Sean Price from Heltah Skeltah and more.

The E.P. “Ultrasound: The Rebirth” has a nice line up as well. It features rapper Sean Price and Royce Da 5’9” of super group Slaughterhouse as well as a song from the MHz. Also, the album features a diss track towards last years college frat boy rapper, Asher Roth. The track is titled “Creamation” and it is actually the second diss towards the young rapper, the first being titled “The Real Fake Shady”. Asher Roth actually responded back to the diss “The Real Fake Shady” with a track at Copywrite titled “Silly Boy”.

Photo Courtesy of Copywrite

The last couple years have been rough for Copywrite, having to deal with his close friend Tero “Camu Tao” Smith’s passing due to cancer has taken a toll on the emcee. And dealing with issues with the group The Weathermen, which Copy helped co-found with New York rapper Cage Kennylz. As well as a few other issues that will be brought to light on his full length album.

“It didn’t really effect my writing, it hit me personally. It was like having your brother taken away from you” said the emcee in regards to his friends passing. Recently, the emcee has taken a turn for the better. Kicking the booze, pills, and cutting back on the smoking. “I feel like the old Pete. The one that I love, not the lazy, lethargic, cloudy headed forgetful, bullshitting watered down version of me.” Said the emcee on his blog via MySpace.

Copywrite has a few other projects in the works over the next year or so. Including a re-release of his album “The High Exhaulted” which will have some newer material and some new emcee’s on the album. Also, slated for a release later on this year is “MHz 2” album titled “Tero Smith” a dedication to the late great Camu Tao. Which will feature Jakkai Tha Motamouth, Tage Future and production from RJD2.

Photo Courtesy of John Thorpe

For those of you who thought Copywrite had disappeared, well you were wrong. He is still very much on the hustle game. He is always offering his talents to anyone; you can check him out via his myspace page www.myspace.com/odotrecords or follow him on twitter www.twitter.com/copywrite

Copywrite – Stop Video

Copywrite – Cremation (Asher Roth Diss)

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