Do Valentine’s Day Correct with Rueling

So. The big day is coming up (that’s Valentine’s Day for all you playboys not on your game). Maybe you noticed the really bad commercials on in between TV shows. The ones where they showcase cookie cutter heart shaped goodies (some of which even have the audacity to throw in free chocolate).

Well if you just want to get this holiday over with, then trendy little trinkets may get you out of hot water.

But for those of you that know better, and have a girl who deserves something unique and special, without looking like every other laced out pink silk box of crap these other herbs will be pawning off on their gals, you gotta take a step up to the plate.

That’s where Matt Rueling comes in.

Rueling has been designing and sculpting handmade jewelry since 2003. Having worked for companies that made jewelry for Kay and Jared, Rueling says “i have a different style then them and it speaks for itself.” That Style shines through in some of the guys rings he has made including the Universatile Music Rings and the 2 Finger Skull Rings.

That statement is further reinforced by some of his signature designs, including two finger rings for girls. A thuggish old school approach to sleek femininity. “My hottest piece right now is the 2 finger rose ring. Feels like sex when you put it on” proclaims Rueling.

Matt recently moved from Phoenix, and headed up to Tahoe. “Tahoe has been really inspiring. Leaving Phoenix made me more laid back about designing, and more interested in having fun!” The move also triggered some new designs available in Tahoe at select jewelry stores. For his welcoming back of the winter weather he launched the “Snowflake” Line. Massive almost pop art silver snowflakes that have become quite popular in the region.

Through a generous offer Rueling has agreed to offer 10% discount for Boombox Knocks Readers. Just Visit HIS ETSY STORE, message him using the “Contact Rueling” button on the right and say “Boombox Knocks”.

Play on playas.

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