Ivan Ives

Ivan Ives, originally from the Soviet Union, now resides in Los Angeles where he delivers his audience some of the most innovative and appealing hip-hop we’ve heard in quite some time. His adventurous songs have an underlying old school flare and are catchy on a level that transcends the predictable leanings of collegiate beats and rhymes. His previous works have featured the likes of Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), O.C. (DITC), Vast Aire (Def Jux), 2Mex, and more. Ivan doesn’t mince words or unleash a torrent of expletives to underscore the immediacy of his message. His advanced and skin-tight flow unfolds with a poetic surge that is now admired and respected by his ever-growing fan base. Ivan was recently named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the next 40 artists to watch. His hit single, “Victory” from the album Iconoclast, was put up for free download on iTunes as part Rolling Stone’s promotional campaign. This break shot album sales through the roof; so much so, that the CD is now out of print but the digital sales on iTunes still flourish. In August 2008, Ivan was a featured artist on MySpace and in October 2008 he hit 1 million spins on his MySpace music player. Thanks to the internet, Ivan has fans all over the globe and albums are constantly sold and shipped to listeners everywhere. Let the journey continue… Ivan completed 6 tours in North America from July 2007 – October 2008; And with more mixtape releases and albums put out on his No Threshold imprint, Ivan has released over a dozen albums since 2005. He is currently in production on a new album titled Newspeak, which is slated for release in Spring 2009. Bio from No Threshold Records

* Ivan Ives – Villain (Filthy Luka Remix) – MP3

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