Human Block

By Gage Luce

Human Block is a concept that unfolds from the start to the finish of the album. It explores the most basic human connections. The 26-year-old Phoenix-born emcee Rashenal has been working on this album for quite some time now, with the help of local producer Jelts.


“When I first started working on the album, the producer Jelts, and myself, basically agreed to start a project and see where it takes us in a sense of what the music would sound like” said Rashenal.


The name Human Block came about “just because it sounded cool,” the emcee said, and as the recording progressed on the album, he realized how relevant the songs were to the project title.


“Song after song it seemed as though a concept was forming, with out me actually trying to have a concept,” Rashenal said. “I found all the writing in one way or another related to human connections.”


The Human Block project is Rashenal’s first full-length studio album; it is a follow up to his 2008 release “Day Birth EP.” The album is now available at all Zia records locations through the Valley, as well on iTunes, and CDBaby.

Rashenal is a part of local hip-hop crew Wild Life Refuge. In 2005 the crew started Earsweat Records, which put out both of the emcee’s projects. Rashenal also was named into URB Magazines “Next 1,000” for his 2008 release “Day Birth EP”.

Human Block will be hosting a CD release party at the Big Fish Pub in Tempe on November 24th. Cover charge is $10 at the door, plus a free Human Block CD. Human Block, Anglo Saxon, G Owens, Lakai and more will take to the stage, accompanied by live artist Dumperfoo, Jelts, 2Much, and Grief 925. The Show is 21+.


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