Elsphinx, A Hazard To Society?

Elsphinx might be a hazard to your ears.

There are some people that need to be restrained and locked away for the rest of their lives. Elsphinx is not one of those individuals, yet anyway. A complex creature of human form, Elsphinx is one of those people that will bend your mind sideways and tie a knot around your spinal cord with his sadistic, complex play on words

From the slums of upstate New York, Elliot Sphinx or Elsphinx for short has been putting out lyrical acid tabs for eons (the last five years). It’s really hard to explain Elsphinx, no one word in the dictionary could rightfully do him justice.

So who exactly is Elsphinx? Well, he’s an artist, and a work in progress. “I’m a text book version of a Gemini” says the artist. “I am a purveyor of beverages, incredibly handsome, aggressive and unpredictable. I laugh, I love, I create. My ultimate goal is to keep you entertained”.

Elliot Sphinx is not the artist’s government given name, so how did the name come about? Well, according to the Emcee this is how Elsphinx came to be


“Well, in my younger days, my fellow miscreants and I had this routine of introducing ourselves by assumed names to people we’d meet.” Says the wordsmith. “Elliot Sphinx is one that caught my attention for reasons still unknown. I eventually just consolidated it into Elsphinx”.

With the release of his first solo album “Hazmat” last month, Elsphinx is constantly working on new mind bending projects. His next project titled “Brain Cave Deluxe” is coming to your eardrums early in 2011.

“It showcases versatility to the umpteenth degree.” Elsphinx says in regards to Brain Cave Deluxe. “I stray away from a lot of the standard rap content, 16-bar / hook formula and experiment with different styles on it. The production is going to be phenomenal.”

The artist also is in talks with working on an EP with fellow Glass Ceiling Effect production genius Dr. Khil. Glass Ceiling Effect is a collection of emcee’s, producers and bizarre minded human beings that span across the United States, it’s also the collective group that Elsphinx calls family.

“Melvin Junko and Dr. Khil are two of the maddest scientist’s I’ve ever had the privilege of working with, production wise” says the artist. “Pete Pluto and the rest of the GCE team, of course as well as Ace the Grappler, he is a keg of Red Bull personified, always a blast to collab with him.”

El's on stage

Elsphinx has been fascinated with rap/hiphop since his young ears first were polluted with it. Drawing his influences from a vast majority. Everything from Patton Oswalt, Les Claypool and Wu-Tang. To Portishead, Fiona Apple, and Norah Jones.

The artist, in his younger years used to put a tape cassette recorder on top of his boombox and rap into it over instrumental beats. Rapping throughout his teen years, it wasn’t until about five years ago that the emcee decided to dedicate majority of his time to pushing his music.

A lot of Elsphinx’s tracks will make you think. He takes common everyday phrases that you and I throw around, twists them up and stomps them into a whole different meaning. Regional slang has always fascinated the artist.

“Hip hop, compadre. Coming up with the heads that I called my friends, we were constantly trying to outdo one another with the most outrageous slang.” Elsphinx says. “I try to view the most common every day shit from obscure angles. Like “you may perceive it as that, but come stand over here for a second and see what I see.” Ooh’s and aah’s ensue.”

A lot of the artist’s tracks are based off experiences that are firmly rooted within his existence.

“The past few years have seen me trying to actively stray from the debauchery as much as possible. I might, however, slip out a “fist fuck whoremonger twat blood alimony suplex” every now and again.” Says the emcee.

So how does Elsphinx write the words on paper that come out of your headphones, car stereo, or whatever the fuck it is that you use to listen to music? It really depends the writing process for the emcee is random.

“Some what scatterbrained. I may develop a loose premise for a song, or barrages of witty lines at complete random, at work or on the toilet or at the barbershop or what have you.” Says the emcee, in regards to his writing style. “Sometimes I’ll scribble chunks on bar tabs or subpoenas. More gets incorporated when it feels right. If I catch a vibe or a beat that hits me immediately, I’ll beast out and put the whole song on paper then and there. It really varies.”

Elsphinx live at bogies November 27th 2010

The artist has been a fan of hip hop for years. But when asked what it was like growing up for him his response was simple.

Elsphinx stated “Dude, I can’t remember what I did LAST NIGHT.”

What do you expect from someone who tosses around phrases in the manner that he does?

The artist’s live shows are chalk full of awesome, while I have yet to see one myself. I can base this statement on viewer’s statements. The artist can be introverted and reserved, when he wants to be that is.

“I’m a little dude, but I’m a fucking firecracker. Put a mic in my hand and spill me on a stage and all hell breaks loose.” Says the emcee about his live shows. “I pour all of my energy out on stage. There isn’t really a format to it. I rap my ass off, I joke, engage in witty banter, and definitely feed off of the vibe. I also encourage large quantities of alcohol to be consumed.”

So there you have it, a little bit about the mystical and weird life of the artist known as Elsphinx. Be sure to keep your ear drums tuned in, as you’re going to be hearing a lot more from his mouth, whether you like it or not. He will not be shut up, and he will be coming to a stage near you, sooner than you expect. So prepare yourself while you still can, consider this your warning.

If you dare keep a tab on Elsphinx, which I assure isn’t an easy task. Feel free to follow him at Twitter.com/elsphinx and then don’t forget to go and download his latest album “Hazmat”, which won’t even cost you your pocket lint at elsphinx.bandcamp.com.

Check out the track “Cup Full of Sky” By Elsphinx produced by Dr. Khil, then go download “Hazmat” for free!


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