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Damu’s notes on the making of “Don’t Do It” is the first single from Damu’s upcoming EP, “Supply For Demand,” available on VINYL/CD/MP3 in late 2010 on Redefinition Records.

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot while making this video, which also happens to be our first official music vid.

Quick story: Insight got into NYC around 1am on a Friday night. He lives in Germany most of the year and visits the states every couple months as needed. He crashed on my couch – but before I went to sleep, he was in a chair doing some work on his iPad. When I woke up around 7am, he was in the same spot, still working on his iPad. I don’t think the dude slept at all. lol. Damu got into NYC that Friday night around 4am, which was hours later than he intended, due to some problems on his train line from DC.

Anyway, I scouted the locations that Damu suggested a few days prior to the shoot, so we worked out a shooting schedule and before we knew it, it was time to get to work. We had a really stripped down production rig which made things easy as far as shooting in public places without a permit. To make the most out of the natural lighting, we started shooting around 8am on a Saturday in June, and worked all day until 6pm without a break. It was worth it.

We started in Harlem at Jackie Robinson Park and eventually made our way down to Fat Beats, hitting a couple spots on the way. We did this whole thing run-n-gun style. Hopping out, getting the shots we wanted, and quickly moving on.

After we wrapped up shooting we grabbed some mexican food in Jersey City. The manager came by to ask us what we thought of the food, and after Damu told him how much he loved the meal, the guy excitedly brought out shots of tequila to thank US for the compliment (Damu doesnt even drink though). Unexpected, but appreciated. It almost felt symbolic though, because pretty much everything worked out better than planned on that day. No rain, no hassles from the police, no technical problems with our equipment.

Big thanks to everyone who made themselves available to make a cameo and to my dude Jesse Puma for the great camera work. Also wanna give a nod to Dan Love for rolling with us and shooting pics throughout the day, including the Don’t Do It single cover that you see here (not to mention for use of that amazing wide angle lens).

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