Diamond District drops “March On Washington”

DC Trio Diamond District (Oddisee, yU, and X.O.) released their latest offering today, and thank the heavens. In the predictable, sometimes yawn inducing world modern rap has trapped us in, “March On Washington” brings unique cadence, wonky beats and lyrics that required thought, energy and passion to record.

Oddisee’s beat production is all over the place on this album, in a good way that still lends continuity to the project. For comparison sake, some tracks have really stabby sampler that felt like golden era Premier sounds, others feel like Budo horns and bass/keys, and still other ones verge on Little Brother / 9th Wonder bangers. Head nods are unstoppable and the flips (like when the drums then keys roll in on ‘You Had To Be There’ in a flood of super sub bass) literally made me smile and just lock in.

“First Step” in my opinion, is going to be the track that pulls ahead of the pack, but just listening to that and rolling into the next track “These Bammas” and so on and so on, you just can’t stop…this is a solid album, no fillers.

“Took a crack at practicing conceiving, now i hope she leaving” – from ‘Working Weekends’

That is just a splinter of the intelligence level of the rhymes and ways of expressing topics showcased, and I for one certainly am glad this kind of music is still created.

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Diamond District