Big J Beats released “Computer J. Fox” and now it’s time for everybody to get familiar.

bigjbeats_computerOur friends Dark Time Sunshine rolled through on August 4th for their show and brought along a Denver based producer named Big J Beats that had a cassette tape on the merch table. I am a total sucker for cassettes, so I bought this album. I also got the CD so I could keep the tape sealed, and MAAAAAAN…

After finally getting a chance to sit with it today, I was pleased to hear it is amazing. One of the best concepts / play on theme style albums i have heard in a while. At no point was I skeptical or feeling like any of the tracks were weak. Samples were just as clean as the beats, and were all over the place.

Any kid from the 80’s that saw any computer related – lonely boy that saves the world and gets the girls type of flicks will love this for the samples alone, but Big J keeps the album alive with swelling bass feeds and smooth synths.

It was awesome to meet this guy, and since he just dropped this in late May, it’s still new enough for you heads that are on the prowl for some new clean electro hip-hop.

Listen below and cop the cassette or download!