Dark Time Sunshine free album “BELIEVEYOUME”

I honestly can’t believe an album this well done is being released for free. Maybe some cats do it to build a following. But I honestly think that when talent drips out of you all the time, you have no choice. Onry Ozzborn definitely has had enough on his place in the last few years. To name just a few OLDOMINION, GRAYSKUL, THE GIGANTICS, GRAYMAKER and now Dark Time Sunshine.

It’s unbelievable to hear him come up with so many wild ass things to rap about. His lyrics run circles around some of the best out there, including in the indie hip-hop scene. His collaborations with producers from all over the globe have been a thing of wonder. To the untrained ear his style is one that would seem to be a very odd and jumbled lyrical mess. Almost off center. But after hearing him time after time with some of the most unique productions out there, it just goes to show the kid is nice.

As of this publishing, I have not heard of the producer Zavala. But I hope you kids out there in internetland comment below and show me the light.

BELIEVEYOUME is a step off the cliff instead of the right direction, and we are all lucky as hell it is fell on our ears.

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Here is my favorite track off the album “SHEWOLF” – Dark Time Sunshine

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Download the entire album for free from FAKE FOUR INC.

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