The Insects featured on Kamikaze Airlines Mixtape mixed by DJ Lord Jazz (Lords Of The Underground)

1090 Records is proud to announce that a track from The Insect’s latest album “BLACK ROSE” has been selected as a track on the new Kamikaze Airlines Mixtape “KA-307 Paris, France”.

You can get the mixtape for free online by visiting this link and tweeting about the mixtape. Be sure to tag @1090records @theinsectsAZ and @afroclassics to show some love!

Here is the track listing

Spliff Hemingway ft Aggallah
JBrian ames- God in my Heart
Redvenom-Hip Hop Love
Styles of Beyond- Here We Go
ShamesWorthy- International
Innuendo – Bottles Up
Muneshine- Bed Bugs
Dj Lord Jazz ft Aarophat- Eagle Eye
Dj Illnaughty ft Dialated Peoples- Happiness
Ricta ft Craig G – atlantic anthem
Paleface Junkies ft Swiss Precise – Deadly Murderous
The Fire Beneath the Sea- Blizzard Session
Pawz One – What You Make It
Dj Lord Jazz ft Doitall,Treach & Tah G Ali- Rap Money
Akil, J Swift, Jabari, Frank – Don’t Panic
Mc Imprint ft Lauren Coleman- Infection
Lord Jazz ft Mr Funke (dj dister remix)
Soulmade ft Warpath- True to the Beat
The Insects ft. Very G – Is What It Is
Geechi Suade(camp lo)- Ask About Me
Dusk Raps- The First to Know
Doitall & Lord Jazz (heartbeat of the ghetto vol1)- lost & lonely
Technic & L’s – Black list


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