“The Train Keeps Coming” New Video from The Insects


The Insects are not here to play games. They have been working tirelessly on the upcoming album “Black Rose” and are promising an untouchable audio experience.

Brad B’s style is unforgiving, respected and authentic. His lyrics make you wad up every other garbage rapper and leave them behind, while bringing you to a somber and raw realization about how shit really is. Those that will hear “Black Rose” are in for a whirlwind of top notch wordplay from Brad as well as guest emcees Murs, Scarub, Very G, Ariano and XP.

Over the course of this project producer Foundation has learned new aspects of his already flawless approach to music and beat composing. Sewing new technologies together with his experience as a drummer and veteran producer. He shares the responsibilities on this album with contributions from two other phenomenal beatsmiths Sapient and Mustafah.

In the video for “The Train Keeps Coming”, Dumperfoo reminds the world who is the undisputed champion of Live Art. The innovator is at the top of his game and his massive painting is the crown jewel of this visual contribution.



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